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Improve Well Being - Feel Less Stressed

*Four week, four day Challenge helps you to build a daily practice, finishing May 14th. 
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Holistic Turtles Healthy Living

Why turtles? Because turtles are timeless, patient, and thoughtful creatures. We value these qualities in both ourselves and the clients we work with.

Holistic Turtles, founded by Michèle Rafferty, benefits countless people through all stages of life. Holistic Turtles was developed to improve overall well being throughout life by focusing on physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

We see health in the big picture, and one big component is spiritual growth--a no-brainer for well-rounded health. What is spiritual growth? Whether you practice a religion, go to church, the synagoge, the mosque, believe in something that is bigger and greater than yourself, then Holistic Turtles believes you are on the right track. You have hope that things are the way they are and that the world is ever evolving in a positive direction.

On the flip side if you are constantly in fight and flight mode, you're on a continual road to high levels of cortisol and you are stressed. In today's world stress is unavoidable. However, for most people there usually isn't a real lion about to pounce on you. Chill out and learn stress relief tools with Holistic Turtles.

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